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Beaver Solutions LLC: Comprehensive Beaver Management Services

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Beaver Solutions™ specializes in resolving human/beaver conflicts. Our highly successful flow devices usually offer the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution to beaver-related flooding problems. We combine an understanding of beaver behavior and abilities with the latest advances in design to create cost-effective, low maintenance flow devices that prevent damaging flooding. We also offer licensed beaver removal.

Our Comprehensive Beaver Management Plans provide municipalities, public utilities, state and federal agencies and other large property owners with the most cost-effective and budget friendly options available.

Since 1998, we have successfully resolved approximately 1000 beaver problems in northeastern United States, and have developed Comprehensive Beaver Management Plans for places as distant as Juneau, Alaska.

Beaver Solutions is the unsurpassed leader in the nation for the number and variety of long term successful beaver interventions. We have also developed a highly acclaimed instructional DVD to teach others how to build and install successful flow devices.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned working for clients such as: highway departments, public utilities, state and federal agencies, private businesses, conservation groups, and private landowners, and look forward to serving you.

John Muir Award